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Join us for a special Valentine's Day date night! 

Indulge in an intimate Valentine's Day celebration as we transform from Crazy Gnome into The Lovely Gnome, for our one-night only, exclusive Valentine's Day experience! This evening will be filled with delicious food, beers, chocolates, non-alcoholic drink options and romantic music, creating a night to remember with your special someone!


DINNER & DESSERT FOR TWO: The entree for this evening will be tasty tacos, specially crafted by Chef Robert of Echoes Nashville. Enjoy these flavorful tacos made with premium ingredients and sauces to complement the flavors like no other.

Your ticket includes:

  • Dinner for two at your own table!

    • 2 appetizers

    • 6 tacos* (choose from a carefully-curated list)

    • 4 full-pour beers 

    • 1 Crazy Gnome exclusive chocolate and beer flight pairing

*additional tacos available for purchase

We have four dinner time slots!

Dinner - 5:00 pm

Dinner - 5:30 pm

Dinner - 7:00 pm

Dinner - 7:30 pm

Get your tickets here!


DESSERT ONLY FOR TWO: Already have dinner plans? Looking to stick to the budget? Later in the evening we will have dessert only reservations available! Enjoy two Crazy Gnome beers with two personal sized cheesecakes with your choice of topping from Chef Robert with Echoes. Available times are at 9 and 9:30! 

Your dessert ticket includes:

  • 2 cheesecakes

  • 2 Crazy Gnome beers 


*Dessert ticket includes gratuity

We have two dessert time slots!

Dessert - 9:00 pm

Dessert - 9:30 pm

Get your tickets here!

DRINKS: The exquisite flavors of your tacos will go perfectly with a curated selection of craft beers all brewed in-house. We've carefully crafted this menu of beer and taco pairings and will be happy to suggest beers that go perfectly with the tacos on your plate!



Limited spots are available, so choose your time slot and make your reservation early to secure your place at this unique Valentine's Day event.  Dinner and dessert for two is $89. A $25 reservation fee (this amount will go toward your dinner price!) will be required upon purchase.  Dessert only for two is $29.

MUSIC: Allow the sweet melodies of romantic music to serenade you and your loved one throughout the evening. Our playlists will set the perfect backdrop for an enchanting Valentine's celebration.

WHAT TO WEAR: Dress in your preferred date-night attire to make this Valentine's dinner a truly special occasion.


QUESTIONSWe are here to help! If you have questions, please email


1. I bought the 5/5:30pm dinner but want to to stay for the 9/930 dessert, can I just pay to stay at my table?

1. Although we are thrilled you want the dessert as well, we ask that you leave your table so we can have enough tables available for the next couple to enjoy their food and have just as beautiful of an experience as you did. There will be space at the bar and outside with heaters if you would like to stick around until the dessert portion 

2. Parking is usually tight, how will it be this night?

2. Glad you asked! The Gym 5 parking lot will be available after 5pm so that it will be a closer walk! We still have the front of the liquor store, street parking, and parking down by Value Vet as well! 

3. If we can't make it, will we get a refund?

3. To ensure we make this event worth while, we will not be issuing refunds. Thank you for your understanding!

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