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Mon. 12/21- Wed. 12/30 - Closed

About Us

Our founder, Grayson, started brewing beer at the age of 20 after discovering a certain loop-hole in certain legal regulations. From there, he tumbled down a decade long obsession with brewing and craft beer in general that led to Crazy Gnome Brewery.

When a tornado came through East Nashville in March 2020, this dream was put on hold a little longer. Shortly after, the stay at home order issued in Nashville to combat COVID-19 caused further delays. Finally, after numerous set backs and incredible continued support we can proudly say we opened our doors in August 2020.


We cannot wait to share with the world the beer we have been enjoying for years.


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Crooked Smile
A blonde Kolsch style ale that boasts a noble hop aroma with a crisp dry finish.
Kalamity Kolsch
This malty Kolsch cuts the sweetness with a hop bite toward the finish.
Copper Doodle
Our take on the ESB style drinks smooth with a mild bitter finish. This malt forward beer would make you feel right at home in an old British pub.
Celtic Grounds
An Irish stout base infused with the Reloaded series from local coffee roaster, Split Bean Roasting Co. Has an aroma of a delicious dark roast cold brew with a roasted coffee initial taste that settles to a subtle malt sweetness.
Don't Be A Sucker
This refreshing moderate kettle sour packs a fruity punch with a hint of a spicy finish thanks to the use of Saison yeast.
It's Probably an Acronym
(I)t's (P)robably an (A)cronym.. with Amarillo and Southern Cross hops. Dank citrus and lemongrass hop notes with a lower ABV.
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948 Main Street

Nashville, TN 37206


Sun:                  1:00-8:00pm*

Mon-Tues:        Closed

Wed-Fri:           4:30-9:30pm
Sat:                  1:00-9:30pm*

*We will open at 12pm on Food Truck days! Be sure to check our social media for information on when food trucks will be available. 


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948 Main Street

Nashville, TN 37206

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What should I bring?

Most routes will only require you to bring a good pair of walking shoes (like running shoes, Tevas, or Chacos, or hiking boots) and a bottle of water (1 liter) and any important personal things you might need, e.g., inhaler, epi-pen... ​Everything else (all gear, snacks, and food) will be provided by us.

What if it rains?

We lead our trips in any weather, be it rain or even snow, and we bring the proper gear to making hiking in this weather enjoyable. In the event that the trip becomes unsafe because of the weather, then we will cancel the trip and provide a full refund. (Also, more rain means bigger waterfalls)

What if I have to cancel my trip?

Do not worry! We have upated our cancellation policy to be very flexible. If you purchase Booking Protection with your tour ($25) you may cancel upto 24 hours before your trip and receive a 100% refund. Without Booking Protection, cancellations made up to 2 weeks before your trip will reveive a 100% refund. Cancellations made within 2 weeks of your trip will receive a 50% refund. The Booking Protection Fee is non-refundable.

What about COVID-19? Am I safe?

We are taking extreme messures to ensure that everyone is safe. This means we are heavily sanitizing our tour vehicles before and after each trip, we are constatnly checking our guides to ensure they are virus-free, and we are wearing masks to help prevent any possible spreading of the virus. Click the banner at the top of the page to read more about our new updates.

What do I wear?

Great question! For our day hikes we suggest wearing comfortable pants, or shorts, that are easy to hike in and a comfortable top. We also suggest wearing sturdy shoes you don't mind getting dirty. Just remember if it is hot out you might be sweating, and if it is cold out you will want a jacket. In these mountains we have found that layers are your friend.

What about bears?

Contrary to popular belief, black bears are kind creatures and are not out there to hunt you. They are very scared of humans and will avoid us. In the rare chance that you encounter a bear on your trip, your guide is trained to keep you (and the bear) safe.

Do I tip my guide?

Our goal is to make sure your experience in exceptional. If your guide acheives this goal, then we ask that your show them your appreciation. Our amazing guides are always thankful to receive a tip! (typically, in this industy tips are between 15% - 20% of the cost of your activity)

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